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Piano Moving

Welcome to Moving & Trucking Inc, your premier destination for professional piano moving services. With years of experience and expertise, we understand the unique challenges associated with moving pianos of all shapes and sizes. Whether you're relocating across town or across the country, you can trust our team to handle your piano with care and precision. From start to finish, we are dedicated to providing you with the highest level of service .
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Moving every Piano

We understand that every piano move is unique, which is why we offer customized moving plans tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Whether you have a grand piano, upright piano, or specialty piano, we'll work with you to create a plan that ensures a seamless and stress-free moving experience. We have the necessary tools and resources to handle even the most challenging moves with ease.
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Safe Transport

When it comes to transporting your piano, safety is our top priority. Our fleet of modern, well-maintained moving trucks is equipped with air ride suspension and climate control to protect your piano from bumps, vibrations, and temperature fluctuations during transit. You can rest assured that your piano will arrive at its destination in pristine condition.
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At Moving & Trucking Inc, professionalism and reliability are at the core of everything we do. From the moment you contact us to the completion of your piano move, you can expect nothing less than exceptional service and attention to detail. Our team arrives on time, works efficiently, and communicates transparently throughout the process.

Specialized Equipment

A piano board, also known as a piano skid board or piano dolly, is a specialized piece of equipment used to safely move pianos. It is essentially a sturdy platform with padded rails and straps designed to securely hold the piano in place during transport. Here's how a piano board is typically used to move a piano

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